The Migrant Peacebuilding Project

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The Project     

The Migrant Peacebuilding Project is centered on building connections, promoting education, and fostering understanding. By connecting migrants deported from the United States with employers within Guatemala, as well as holding educational seminars aimed at confronting stigmas, we can foster a sustainable path for deported migrants to follow in their route towards reintegrating into Guatemalan society.

To this end, we are conducting comprehensive research to identify the causes and consequences of emigration and deportation. We are simultaneously carrying out surveys to isolate the specific cultural, societal, and economic barriers barring many deported migrants from reintegrating back into Guatemalan society and the workforce.

Equipped with an understanding of the issues surrounding migration, the Migrant Peacebuilding Project is working to create cooperative partnerships with non-profit organizations, confront social stigmas by working with educational institutions, and establish connections with employers willing to offer paid internship and employment opportunities.

Simultaneously, the Migrant Peacebuilding Project is identifying interested and eligible individuals we can assist. The first step towards reintegration is to host culture shock seminars and provide psychological and social support for newly returned migrants. To ensure sustainable social and economic stability for the individuals we are assisting, we are working with deported migrants to identify employable skills, provide resume building and interview training workshops, and offer transportation and formal wear when needed.

The end goal of our project is to connect deported migrants with private sector employers in order to ensure sustainable employment, which is the fundamental foundation for integrating back into Guatemalan life. To evaluate the efficacy of the Migrant Peacebuilding Project, we will remain in long-term contact with the migrants we have assisted, tracking their progress.

1. Research:

  • Investigate the instigators and consequences of migration 
          I.  Poverty Relief in “El Norte”: The Migration Channel of Guatemala to the 
              United States (Download)
         II.  Economic Shocks and Remittances in Guatemala (Download)
         III.  The United States: The Home of the Free and the Brave--and Immigrants (Download)
  • Conduct surveys identifying barriers to reintegration
2. Connect:
  • Establish partnerships with non-profit organizations
  • Identify employment opportunities for deported migrants
  • Build connections with universities to confront social stigmas
  • Identify individuals we can assist

3. Implement:
  • Host a reception for interested and eligible deported migrants
  • Host a cultural shock seminar to begin the process of social reintegration
  • Provide psychological, social, and medical support
  • Help identify the employable skills of individuals we are assisting
  • Conduct resume building and interview training workshops
  • Assist with transportation and formal wear for interviews
  • Connect deported migrants directly with interested employers

4. Evaluate:
  • Remain in long term contact with assisted individuals
  • Analyze the long term impact of the interventio