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Getting Prepared!

Posted by Sam Chase on May 31, 2013 at 6:05 PM

Saturday, May 25:

Preparations for the project (as well as the Champions League final!) are well underway for the team. Javier has already returned to Guatemala, and in the next few days will be meeting with businessmen, our university research teams, and even the International Migrant Organization, who we hope can give us advice on maximizing the efficiency and reach of our project. Joe, John, and myself are all still in the States, booking flights and figuring out travel logistics for the summer. I am frantically working trying to improve my Spanish, and I am sure Joe and John are knocking the rust off as well. I am also attempting to familiarize myself with the history and culture of Guatemala, and have just started The Fish That Ate the Whale on the advice of documentary filmmaker Luis Argueta, which is a book about Sam Zemurray, the United Fruit Company kingpin, and his and the CIA’s role in Guatemalan and Latin American history. Maybe someone can recommend other informative books about the history of Guatemala for our US-based team members?

 Anyway, it seems like everything is really starting to come together! Meetings are being scheduled, apartments in Guatemala City are being looked into, and I know the entire team is ready to get down to Guatemala and begin research, education efforts, and of course actually finding people jobs! A lot of effort has already gone into this venture before it has even properly begun, and we are beyond excited to see concrete results starting to form. Next stop Guatemala City!

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